Lawn Care & Treatment in Essex

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Taking care of the outside of your home can often be a priority, but it’s a beautiful lawn that can often be the crowning glory of a house. People may not see inside your home, but you are almost certainly going to have a number of people passing by and a well-maintained lawn can stand out a mile. This is particularly important if you’re looking to sell your house; who doesn’t want the maximum valuation?

Your lawn is in excellent hands.


But taking good care of your lawn can be a chore with busy, everyday lives and it’s easy to just not get around to it. It takes work to keep your lawn looking great and we understand that it’s easy to let the small things slip. With RB Landscapes you can rest assured that we have all the experience and professionalism that you’ll need to create, and help keep, that beautiful lawn a reality.

We won’t compromise on quality or care


By employing RB Landscapes you don’t need to worry about the answers to those questions, because we have them ready to go – and our experience means that you won’t be compromising on the quality of the care. We are fully prepared to help improve the condition of your lawn and make sure it stays looking great

Across Essex, the most common questions asked about lawns include:

Different customers have different needs, which is why we don’t have a standardised approach. Our services are fully customised so you can be sure that your lawn is getting the attention it needs straight away and to maintain its fresh, new look so that you don’t have to.

If you’re feeling like your lawn could do with a little TLC, then RB Landscapes are right on hand to help you get it right with the necessary equipment, products and expertise. Our team of experts will guide and advise you on all aspects of lawn care, taking the stress of keeping the exterior of your home looking perfect away from you, meaning that you get to spend your valuable free time focusing on other things, whether that’s spending time with your children, or carving out precious time to pursue a hobby.

By taking a step back you can enjoy your garden to the fullest, without lifting a finger, and being safe in the knowledge that your lawn is in excellent hands.

Disease and pest control available


We have a wide range of services, depending on your individual needs and these include: