Driveway Services Essex

We specialise in block paving driveways, stone and resin. Contact us for a full quote.

Driveways are usually thought of in purely functional terms, i.e. just somewhere to park your car outside your house for maximum convenience. But they can also be a perfect way to update and improve the look of your home.

Plus, when the time comes to sell, they can be quite a sort after commodity, especially in more built-up areas, so you stand a good chance of recouping your initial investment from the higher value of your home.

Revitalising your driveway really is an instant way of adding both value and style to your property.

Styled to your specification


RB Landscapes offers several options to suit different properties and styles across the Essex area. They are always custom designed so your driveway is specifically tailored to you, we don’t have one, standardised, approach to installing them.

If you’re unsure what you want, or what would look best, we have experts on hand to help you to design your ideal driveway.

Organised & efficient



The bottom line of having a driveway is to use it, and that’s why we recommend block paving. It’s not only an attractive feature, it’s also cost effective and durable, so you won’t find yourself needing to replace it in a couple of years time.

We can style it to your specification so it matches your existing surroundings perfectly.

One of the most essential parts of installing a driveway is to do the proper ground prep. We ensure that your ground is properly prepared for a long-lasting, durable and flawless finish.

Spruce it up

Are you concerned about weed growth on your driveway? Is it looking like it might be a lot of work to clear them? We understand that your spare time is valuable and you might not want to spend it doing hours of weed clearing from your new driveway.

We combat this problem by using weed free jointing sand to keep the paving looking flawless all year round and saving you several hours of garden labour all year round.

Why use RB Landscapes for your driveway needs in Essex?

Firstly, there’s no job too big or too small, we carry them all out. As well as making it unique to you, our team has the necessary experience and expertise to complete every project to the highest possible standard, using the highest grade materials.

We apply industry standard building methods to every installation, and work closely with our customers, giving them peace of mind as well as complete satisfaction.

We are organised and efficient, we have years of experience and you will always know who is working on your property.