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Our Services In Langdon Hills


Are you looking to update the look of your home? Driveways can often be a perfect way to do this, plus and add style and increase the value of the property at the same time.

Here at RB Landscapes we offer several options to suit different properties and styles across Langdon Hills and the wider Essex area. They are always custom designed so your driveway is specifically tailored to you; we don’t have one, standardised, approach to installing them. If you’re unsure what you want, or what would look best, we have experts on hand to help you to design your ideal driveway.

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We can provide customised, affordable fencing for a multitude of purposes. Poor quality fencing not only spoils the look of your garden, but it can also be a hazard and potentially compromise your safety.

At RB Landscapes we are here to take care of all of your fencing needs across Essex, whether you’re looking for something decorative or just a cost-effective solution.

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Artificial Lawns

By investing in an artificial lawn you get rid of the need to spend your spare time caring for your grass. We are experts in laying artificial lawns in Langdon Hills and across the wider Essex area, giving you a permanent lush, green lawn that looks amazing and makes your life a bit easier. Our high-quality manufacture makes it a serious competitor to real grass lawns and it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between real and artificial which is an important factor when you’re choosing your type of lawn.

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If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home, then installing a patio is an excellent way to achieve this. It’s a simple solution that will really give your house a brand new feel and RB Landscapes patios are always uniquely designed to match your requirements and suit your existing garden.

Our team of experts will offer you a professional and experienced service across Essex.

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Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn can often be the crowning glory of a house and a well maintained lawn can stand out a mile. It takes work to keep your lawn looking great and we understand that it’s easy to let the small things slip. With RB Landscapes you can rest assured that we have all the experience and professionalism that you’ll need to create, and help keep, that beautiful lawn a reality.

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Langdon Hills is a small town with around 150,000 residents which sits within the wider Basildon area. It’s known for being mostly green fields with just a smattering of housing, making it a quieter place to live.

It’s south of Lainden railway station on the London, Tilbury and Southend line. Langdon Hills is well known for its extensive, 400 acre, Country Park, Nature Reserve and Visitor Centre, serving the needs of its residents for peaceful countryside. Langdon Hills also has a golf and country club with 27 holes of championship quality and panoramic views over Essex.

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