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If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home, then installing a patio is an excellent way to achieve this. It’s a simple solution that will really give your house a brand new feel and RB Landscape patios are always uniquely designed to match your requirements and suit your existing garden.

Our team of experts will offer you a professional and experienced service across the whole of the Essex area.

professional and experienced service


If you need more space in your home and moving isn’t an option, having a good patio expertly laid means that you can use your garden as an extra room during the warmer months.

It will be an excellent place to relax, enjoy outside dining and entertain friends around a fire pit with a BBQ, safe in the knowledge that they’re on a sturdy surface.

boost the value of your home


There are lots of options available for augmenting the outside of your home with a patio, plus we can also lay edging for you to match the slabs if you want to give it a perfect finish.

Having natural stone paving is a popular option for patios. There are a number of different stones, colours and finishes available to suit every taste and budget.

Plus, choosing stone as your material means that it will last longer and there will be less colour fading because of its higher density. Sandstone is great for practicality, and well as being long-lasting, it is also eye-catching.

Another advantage of having a new patio laid is that it can really boost the value of your home when the time comes to sell. In line with this, the cost installing a new patio is something which can be reflected in your house value, making it an excellent investment.

A perfectly laid patio can catch the eye of any potential buyers – and it’s often the clinching factor in a sale.

Moving into a house with a patio that has had time and attention lavished on it is an appealing feature – it’s just ready to go! Plus, you are likely to be able to recoup the initial cost through the increased value.

Porcelain patios.